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Video Surveillance

Protect Your Family, Home, Employees and Business.

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4K (8MP) Ultra HD Resolution

  • Experience up to 4x the resolution of 1080p
  • Exceptional quality and clarity
  • Increased digital zoom
  • From 1 TB to 8 TB of Hard Drive Space

Ultra-Wide & Long Range Cameras

  • Can replace multiple standard viewing cameras
  • View the entire scene with a single camera
  • Perfect for large area monitoring
  • View with clarity up to 150 feet at night
  • Record sound
  • Spot Light / Warning Light
  • From 2 to 32 Cameras

Colour Night Vision

  • Full colour images in low-lighting conditions
  • Wide range of colours for easier recognition
  • Provides additional visual detail

Smart Device Monitoring

  • Using a mobile app, you will be able to securely view your security cameras from virtually anywhere in the world

Camera System Brands

Weighing the Costs versus the Benefits of Securing Your Home

Home security can be pricey, certainly, but the cost of not having it might come at an even greater cost. Recent data indicates ¾ of American homes will be victim to burglary in the next 20 years. What does this mean for your home? It means that you are very likely to have your home burglarized while you are still alive. So what can you do to prevent that? Home security. Home security providers offer an array of different solutions depending on what you like most such as the quintessential sign in the front yard that warns people you have a security system and has an alarm set up when you leave the house at any time. Others offer a live agent to monitor things like security cameras pointed conveniently around entry points to your home or your garage. Some more expensive services might even provide an agent on site who can patrol the property or head out to the property in the event that an alarm or sensor goes off. But is it worth it? Absolutely.! Individuals convicted of burglary say that they are deterred by things like the quintessential security sign in the front indicating a home is protected. And yet many people still hesitate to make the investment. Let's look at the pros and cons.  


One of the things that people worry about is the cost of installation. Installing a home security system especially a comprehensive system that has a lot of wireless connections to your smartphone or has multiple cameras, can be expensive. This represents an upfront investment for the sake of your long-term security and isn't necessarily a fee you will have to pay ever again. And yet, many people scoff at the upfront installation costs of having home security alarms installed by a residential locksmith. What they don't consider is the value of important items and valuables that could be stolen from the home and whether it is worth the upfront investment to protect those items, particularly items that are otherwise difficult to get covered by insurance.

Pros: The value of your home could be greatly protected by getting a system installed, and the cost of things like insurance might go down. You also only have to pay the fee for installation once, and then sit back and enjoy the protection.

Cons: It is an expensive investment for the initial investment, depending on how complex the system is you choose.


Some people are apprehensive about investing in home security systems because they shy away from technology. While there are many systems that enable you to connect everything through your smartphone (which brings the risk of your smartphone getting lost or stolen), not all systems are like that. In fact, most home security systems have the option of relying on a real human being, an agent, to monitor the house and the cameras set up around the house.  

Pros: There is a range of options today, so people who are high tech can get everything right on their phone, monitor live video feeds while out of the country or even connect to a speaker system to tell people at the front door to go away. Those who want the opposite can find that too.

Cons: If you opt for a wireless system that connects to your phone you do risk a problem if your phone is lost or stolen, or damaged. However, you can work with your provider to change the phone to which the system is connected should that occur.

Peace of Mind

Having peace of mind is a good thing, especially when you go on vacation, work late, or travel. In fact, most burglaries take place in the middle of the day, through the front door. People who are otherwise at work think that night time is when it happens, or when they are gone, but burglars are known to more often than not just ring a door bell, confirm no one is at home, then test the door and go in.

Pros: You get peace of mind that a minimal monthly fee for security keeps your home safe, to the degree you want; you can keep tabs on things from your phone if you choose or have someone phone you when a window or door has been opened without your permission.

Cons: Your system might end up with a lot of confirmations or security alerts if you have children or guests who come and go often, but you can work with your home security provider to navigate these issues.

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