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Cloud Telephone Solutions

  • Adaptable to all business environments
  • Flexibility in usage, resizing, and accessibility
  • No size limitation
  • No busy signal
  • No major capital investment is required to use the service
  • No maintenance cost
  • Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act Compliant
  • Increased features beyond what typically is available in expensive systems
  • High quality, reliability, and better than Military grade security
  • Dynamic encryption between server and phone (before and during a call)  
  • Microsoft Teams® Integration (don’t need a Teams enabled IP phone) 
  • Unlimited North American Calling and Low International Calling rates

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Features of our Cloud Telephony Solutions

Auto Attendant
  • 2, 3, 4 and 5-digit extension dialing
  • Name playback after extension dialing 
  • Blocking of certain numbers 
  • Call redirection based on user input 
  • Call redirection on timeout 
  • Call redirection on time-of-day (day/night mode) 
  • Call redirection on loss of registration 
  • Call disconnect on no activity 
  • Multiple language support (e.g. French/English) 
  • Dial by name (directory) 
  • Pre-recorded standard greetings (e.g. for support, for accounting, …) 
  • Greeting recording from extension 
  • Upload and playback of greetings through web interface 
  • Scheduled and spontaneous conferences
  • Multiple language support 
  • User/moderator mode 
  • Email invitation, participation email (calendar format) 
  • Voice activity detection in conference 
  • Multiple, independent conference rooms 
  • Name recording and conference announcement 
  • Conference recording and download through web interface 
  • Attended and blind transfer into conference 
Cell Phone
  • Parallel forking to cell phone (single/multiple cell phones or external PSTN phones), immediate and after delay
  • Parallel forking to cell phone in group calls (queues, hunt groups)
  • Direct inward station access, outbound calls from cell phone
  • Call back for outbound calls
  • Call back on mailbox message
  • Call back when extension becomes available
  • Agent login/logout (static/dynamic), automatic logout 
  • Escalation agents 
  • Minimum staffing for logout prevention 
  • Ring melody indication 
  • Queue priority for agent arbitration 
  • Call volume throttling (maximum number of parallel active calls) 
  • Programmable caller-ID manipulation 
  • Address book integration 
  • Caller-ID based agent preference routing 
  • Programmable event for connecting the call 
  • Programmable ring back tone 
  • Selectable music on hold 
  • Programmable agent idle time 
  • Queue position announcement 
  • Daily activity summary email reports 
  • Call recording of queue calls 
  • Multiple agent selection algorithms 
  • Multiple call redirection events and destinations 
  • User input key handling 
  • Dynamic call routing (e.g. day/night mode) 
  • Web-based agent activity tracking 
  • Web-based call monitoring 
  • Customizable email on connect to the connected agent 
  • Call whisper mode, call listen in, call barge in 
  • SOAP queue information and control
Hunt Groups
  • Three stage hunt group with parallel and sequential forking
  • Call routing with night/day mode and other flags
  • Call routing to final stage destination (internal or external)
  • Customizable ring melody
  • Daily CDR reporting
  • Programmable music on hold source
  • Call recording of hunt group calls
  • Multiple prompts and name recording (from extension or web interface)
  • Voicemail to email
  • Moving and copying of messages to extensions and groups
  • Recording of comments to messages
  • Fast forward and rewind for message playback
  • Envelope information
  • Callback from mailbox
  • Message waiting support (MWI)
  • Call recording into mailbox
  • PIN code-based log in
  • Star code access from mailbox
  • Mailbox sharing
  • Voicemail to email with or without attachments
Extension Features
  • Extension specific dial plan, time zone and language support
  • Multiple extension alias names, ANI assignments
  • Hot desking
  • Park orbit and pickup preference
  • Call redirection on busy, not registered, on timeout, always
  • Daily email support
  • Picture upload
  • Camp on, call waiting enable/disable, caller-ID blocking
  • Emergency dialing support, EPID support for E911
  • Emergency call recording
  • Intercom (2-way) support
  • Call number limitation
  • Multiple registrations per extension
  • Call screening (anonymous, all) with name recording
  • Email (missed calls, CDR, voicemail, status changes, mailbox full)
  • Personal address book
  • Plug and play, based on MAC and/or username/password
  • Extension button programming
  • Prepaid balance
  • Shared Line emulation
  • Extension, queue, hunt group and status flag monitoring
  • DND, agent status
  • Regular expression-based routing for DTMF input and Caller-ID
  • Timeout handling
  • SOAP server-based routing
  • Uploading of WAV files
  • Address Book
  • User address book and domain address book
  • Black and white list support
  • CSV Import
  • From/To-header rewrite on incoming calls
  • Speed dial support
  • SIP, unicast and multicast paging
  • Connection confirmation
  • Plug and play integration
  • Recorded and immediate paging
Security Features
  • SIP TLS transport layer
  • Domain specific certificates
  • SRTP media encryption
  • HTTPS provisioning
  • Selectable password policy
  • Automatic blacklisting after unsuccessful authentication attempts
  • Explicit black and white listing of IP addresses
Networking Support
  • Near-end and far-end NAT traversal with mini session border controller
  • Multiple IP-address routing in SIP (e.g. private and public address mix, VPN)
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Multiple SIP ports, multiple HTTP ports, multiple TFTP ports
  • QoS definition
Web Interface
  • Sample text. Click to select the text box. Click again or double click to start editing theAccess from anywhere
  • User, domain and system mode login
  • Click-to-dial
  • Secure transport, provisioning of certificates
  • text.
  • Template-based provisioning of popular
SIP devices
  • Provisioning of firmware
  • Multicast plug and play
  • Reboot from web interface
  • Provisioning of XML-page access for address book
  • Registration and Outbound Proxy modes for ITSP and PSTN gateways
  • Caller-ID indication (RFC 3325-based and Remote-Party-ID)
  • Inbound call routing
  • CO-line emulation
  • Microsoft Exchange Support
Dial Plans
  • Multiple dial plans per domain
  • Failover support
  • Dial plan-based routing to extensions
  • PIN code authentication for outbound calls
  • Client matter code enforcement for outbound calls
  • Email Alerts on various events
  • Multiple domains
  • Backup/restore function
  • Active CPU load monitoring
CRM Integration
  • CSTA support
  • Integrated TAPI Service Provider (TSP)
  • Usage of favorite address book tools
Media support 
  • Inband and out-of-band DTMF detection
  • Narrowband G.711, GSM full-rate and G.726 codec support
  • Support for G.729A (requires additional License)
  • Support of wideband (G.722)
  • Transparent codec pass-through
  • T.38 pass-through